With over 20 years of experience and a great interest in financial analysis, processes, controlling and accounting. I am the right person to make a positive difference and help organizations and companies achieve their success.

The background of my master’s degree in Finance, Accounting and Investments and my professional experience in various industries, have given me a wide knowledge on financial processes and control, the right way to perform financial planning and analysis, and prepare valuable reporting packages and KPI dashboards.

My work is focused to provide world-class service and partner to my clients to work together in achieving their goals and vision.

Interim solutions

For a temporary replacement, or an additional experienced and qualified resource, I am offering my professional services on a freelance or interim basis.
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Do you have project for which you need additional support or expertise? Read more about my project experience. Make your project succesful and use my expertise!
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You can also reach out to me for an advice or second opinion. A fresh look can give new insights and will enable your company or organization to take the optimal decision.
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My professional experience

An overview of my various positions is listed below:

Petersen Finance & Control, May 2015 – Present

Owner and founder

  • Implementation of a Financial Planning & Analysis model for an international organization.
  • Prepared a financial incentive model to structure employee financial incentives by matching company and individual performance.
  • Implemented accounting system and chart of accounts for newly created entities.
  • Annual accounts and tax returns for various companies. .
  • Part of the exclusive Toptal freelance network, limited to the top 3% talent..

Natural Sweet vof, July 2016 – Present

Owner and founder

  • Manage accounting, annual reports and taxes..
  • Market & advertise business through various networking sites and other marketing outlets.
  • Contract negotiations with vendors and customers..
  • Developed a distribution model for a newly launched product line in The Netherlands. .
  • Traffic, conversion, trends, customer lifetime value, and cohort analysis.
  • Conducted feasibility study and business plan to determine the potential of the company. Performed valuation studies, financial reviews, projected revenue streams, competitive analysis and overall profitability.

Traveltainment GmbH (division of Amadeus ITG) December 2010 – March 2015

Head of Finance- Member of the management board

  • Rebuilt the finance function, implemented formal budgeting, forecasting and reporting systems to measure and communicate performance results to local management and corporate leadership.
  • Manage all treasury and financial accounts for several entities, including the monthly consolidation of the financials. Responsible for company internal control and compliance with all local regulations.
  • Modeling and forecast reporting used for decision making regarding pricing changes, changes in cost structures and effects of volatility on net income.
  • Implemented KPI reporting, providing financial and operational key metrics in consolidated, actionable format, ensuring performance improvement transparency for management and operations.
  • Act as the liaison for external auditors, tax authorities, banks and insurance agents ensuring that all deliverables are prepared timely and accurately.
  • Prepare and present Board presentations as needed.
  • Successful implementation of SAP FI/CO/SD/MM with minimal business interruption.
  • Initiated cost saving actions and increased efficiencies to ensure profitability at current activity levels.
  • Partnered with IT Dev and Operations VP to structure department forecasting, enhance ROI analysis, capital & financial processes.
  • Prepared contracts and transfer pricing agreements for newly established development center in Kiev.
  • Performed financial analysis, due diligence and integration by the acquisition of Travelaudience GmbH.
  • Initiated project cost control process, for all phases of software developments, with investments of 10M€+.

Fort Dodge Animal Health (Division of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals) Sept. 1998 – Nov. 2010

03/05-11/10 Director of Finance & Administration

  • Direct management of the accounting, business controlling, IT, logistics and customer service functions.
  • Held ultimate responsibility for US GAAP and statutory reporting, as well as SOX compliance.
  • Management of the company's forward growth planning.
  • Prepare, analyze and present 3-year business plan, annual budget and forecasts.
  • Support the commercial department with Financial analysis and profitability analysis.
  • Created complex financial models to structure employee financial incentives and thereby efficiently matching company and individual performance.
  • Implemented Score Card reporting, providing financial and operational key metrics in consolidated, actionable format, ensuring performance improvement visibility.
  • Spearheaded plan to synchronize business processes and increase communications throughout various levels of the organization using CRM software, increasing transparency and generating incremental revenues.
  • Initiated and developed policy and procedures to enhance work processes, promote internal controls and SOX compliance.
  • Awarded Top Performer Award for Controllership and Business Partnership.
03/05-11/10 Finance Manager Emerging Markets
  • Developed forecast models against budgets based on key indicators, increasing accuracy of short- and long-term earnings estimates.
  • Prepared ad hoc analysis and performance reports to assist management and commercial teams in decision making.
  • Manage the customer service and supply chain department.
  • Reviewed contracts, documents and financial records to determine compliance with transfer pricing regulation.
  • Increased year-on-year cash flow by $3.5 million by reducing accounts receivable days by 25.
  • Led deal negotiations with distributors around the world, tracked KPI metrics and targets, established and enforced pricing controls, analyzed risks, evaluated revenue recognition, and assessed contract compliance.
  • Reduced distribution expenses with 20% by developing and implementing new distribution policies and procedures, ensuring defined controls.
09/98-06/99 Financial Analyst EMEA
  • Monitored and improved controls and accounting procedures where weaknesses are identified.
  • Provided sound financial advice on budgeting decisions that support business strategies.
  • Actively involved in implementing and roll out of new resale minus transfer pricing policy.

My expertise

With my experience, I have a lot of knowledge on various areas. Below you find some highlights of the areas where I can support your company or organization.

Business control & FPA

Are you looking for an expert on the area of Business Control and FPA? I can deliver the right data and reports and most important, I am able to analyse it and make the right recommendations. Additionally, I am very skilled at translating it into executable plans and actions.

Accounting & financial control

I am an expert in Accounting, external reporting, tax reporting and consolidation. Besides thorough knowledge in US GAAP and IFRS, I have experience in Dutch GAAP and German HGB. For IFRS I gained deep knowledge, including complex areas via a PWC masterclass.

Financial management

I have over 15 years of financial leadership experience. During this time, I have been leading various multicultural teams, in multiple disciplines like Accounting, Business Controlling, IT, Supply Chain and Customer Service. I can deep dive into the details of day-to-day activities, but also able to zoom out.

Financial modelling

I developed many financial models, to support management decisions and commercial strategies. For example, Investment proposals, pricing strategies, ROI models and many others. Building flexible and easy to use models, with clear assumptions is one of my major strengths.

Software implementation

I have been leading many software implementations. SAP, CRM and BI tools. With my wide experience, I can be a versatile key role player to achieve a successful system implementation. I can assist your company or organization to maximize the benefits and usage of a new software tool.


Are you interested in my services, please sent me a message or call me at +31(6)24500020
Petersen Finance & Control

My achievements and successes

After all it is all about results. I am a person who can make difference for your organization. I have a long list of achievements and successes. To give you an impression of what I have achieved in my career so far, I listed some examples below, to see what you can expect from me.

3,5M€ in tax savings.

With implementing a transfer pricing strategy, I managed to achieve a onetime tax saving of 3,5M€ and an annual saving of 1M€. I achieved this by entering into a cost+ agreement with which we made costs from a non-profitable foreign affiliate tax deductible in the domestic tax return. This agreement included a split of IP ownership and has been successfully audited by the German tax authorities.

SAP implementation.

A SAP implementation is a massive operation. Not only from a technology point of view, but also from a process and people point of view. A successful implementation can deliver a lot in terms of efficiency and transparency. With the multiple projects I lead, we managed to reduce the monthly closing process from 6 days down to 3 days. On top, with the additional transparency we achieved cost savings. The automation of the billing cycle drastically reduced the number of errors and time effort with over 50%.

20% reduction in distribution costs

A thorough analysis of the distribution costs of shipments to distributors in over 50 countries resulted in a change of the distribution process. This resulted in a reduction of 20% in distribution costs. This was achieved by measures such as increasing minimum order quantities, changed means of transportation and implementing a Vendor Managed Inventory.

Process efficiency with the right KPI`s.

Making processes measurable into the right KPI`s enables you to start optimizing these processes. In this way I made several processes more transparent, which enabled us to set targets and monitor these, resulting in an improvement of the overall EBITDA. With the KPI dashboard I developed we generated additional revenue with more cross-selling, increased the number of productive hours and were able to faster resolve tickets raised by our customers.

Do you want to see my complete CV, here you can either download in Dutch or English.