Are you looking for temporary support or replacement? I can help you out. I am offering my services on a freelance basis. With my experience and knowledge, I will be up to speed in no-time and will make a valuable contribution to your company or organization.

What to expect from me?

  • Results. I differentiate myself with result-oriented approach.
  • Knowledge and experience. With my extensive experience on various areas such as Finance & Control, but also much more, I can flawlessly continue day-to-day business. But also, asses the current processes and where needed to optimize them.
  • A fresh look. An outside view frequently leads to new insights.
  • Broad knowledge Not only limited to the core finance functions, but also for example supply chain, customer service and IT.
  • Transfer knowledge. Your team and organization will benefit from knowledge transfer.
  • Competitive rates. As I am working independent, I can offer very competitive rates..

There are numerous positions that I can fill. From CFO, Finance Manager, Business or Financial Control to accounting and consolidation expert.

For all type of organizations

I can work in any kind of organization. From small to large multinational. Additionally, I bring experience from different types of industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, leisure and IT. But also experience from start-up, as I launched my own e-commerce start-up.


Flexibility is one of my key characteristics. This is valid for working hours as well travel.